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The best of online casino

Roxy Palace Casino

Live blackjack 21 is not just any casino! It is a micro-gaming with more than 150 games, and a payout rate of 97%. Roxy palace is one of the casinos where the players stay the longest so the friendliness is nice. Test it, you will not regret it!

Splendido Casino

An impressive number of games, a bonus that is just as good, and a redistribution rate of 97%, it is only on the splendid casino. Indeed, this casino offers more than 200 games and a bonus of $ 120 in free chips. The players we introduced to this casino were all satisfied, even 6 months later.

Euro Grand Casino

Eurogrand offers you a welcome bonus of more than 1000 €! With its many prestigious games, you will feel like in a big land casino. Great means have been deployed to please you on eurogrand, a 24/7 support can assist you at any time, and multiple means of secure payments are available. Do not hesitate, register now and get a promotion of 1000 €

Slot machines

The slot machine is a gaming device where money is the main gain. The game consists of aligning symbols placed on cylinders on the machine. A table showing the possible winning combinations and their respective wins is displayed above the cylinders. These combinations can be fruit images, numbers, words … There are several varieties of slot machines in the world. Currently, slot machines account for 80% of the profits of gambling houses. They have become very accessible to all segments of the population. But to captivate all people from all walks of life, the slot machine has had a long and fascinating history. Let’s first look at the little story of the slot machine.

History of slot machines

The first slot machine modelwas made in Michigan in the United States in 1889. At the time, its creator turned an automatic money changer into a gaming machine. It took a long time to get to the forefront of our current slot machines . Its manufacture was not previously intended for commerce. It was not until 1896 that the slot machine was sold in San Francisco. It was a huge success in its early days. The machines sold in the shop were made up of three internal wheels, a slot and an external lever. The lever was used to activate the machine and the slot was used to insert the parts. The slot machine was a triumph among saloon owners and gambling houses in the western United States. The cartoon Lucky Luke even tells the story history of the slot machine in the episode “The Penguin Bandit”. It was also very common to see slot machines in the distribution stores. Indeed, the bosses exchanged their articles for gains. Since then, slot machines have evolved, whether in their design or their concept. Mechanical slot machines gradually gave way to electronic slot machines.

Currently, slot machines are generally electronic despite their “mechanical” appearance. The machine randomly passes numbers randomly at a speed of 10000 digits per second. The stop of scrolling is accurate to the thousandth of a second. When the player wants to stop scrolling, he presses the “game” button and the result is displayed on the reels of the slot machine. The advent of video games and later the Internet, has made slot machines more accessible to all generations. Indeed, playing the online is possible. Similarly, slots have versions called ” keno ” and “tactilo” of the game.. In a few clicks, the user sees himself in a gaming room or in a casino and starts the game. This aspect of the slot machine helps to allow people who can not move for health reasons or for reasons professionals to always have access to their favorite game. Today, millions of slot machines are operating around the world and millions of players play it every day, whether in a casino or online, in front of their computer.