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Craps is a very popular game that is played with two dice. It is played in casinos. Craps consists of betting on consecutive combinations obtained with the sum of two dice. The spectators bet on throws. The player wins according to the rule defined by the bet. There are several types of bets that we will see in more detail later. But where does craps come from and how did it become so popular?

History of craps

The enigma on the origin of craps always provokes lively discussions. Craps is a version of the dice games that have existed since the dawn of time. Indeed, the use of animal bones and pieces of wood as ancestors of our dice, goes back to the beginning of history. Since ancient times, Roman soldiers played with dice made with pork nails. They called their game “bone”. During this time, board games, contact games and hobbies were a big part of everyday activities.

The Arabs subsequently conquered the ancient Roman provinces and easily adopted the Roman “bone” game. They then began to “throw bones” to have fun. They numbered small cubes and named them “azzahr”. During the Middle Ages, trade between the West and the Maghreb countries influenced Europeans. The French, in particular, appreciated the game of dice and named it “chance”. During the Hundred Years War that took place between France and England in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, the English soldiers brought back from France the new game they called “hazard” which meant taking a chance or take a risk. English detained soldiers called their smaller prints the “crabs”.

Once the war was over, the British popularized the game and kept their own names. As for the French, they preferred to adopt a variant of the game of the English and named their smaller draws of “crabs”. In the early eighteenth century, French pioneers popularized the game in Canada. England conquered the North American region that would become the United States, and then British power expanded further north. The French Canadians found themselves forced to move to Louisiana. It was here that was born the name “creps” which was the Cajun version of the game “crabs” of the French but in simpler. It is the displacement of Cajun boats via the Mississippi that has made the game popular among Americans. Once again, the game changed its name. He then became “craps” for the Americans. During the conquest of the West, craps began to be present in saloons and gambling halls. Since that time, craps has come a long way and ended up in casinos.